Telling Our Stories:

Story telling is the Shuswap
way of passing our history
to the next generations

Telling Our Stories:


  Story telling is the Shuswap

way  of passing our history

to the next generations

Sugar Cane Family Names that are now Extinct

1.       William. There was a series of Chiefs William, the last being Adrian Tillian William. Jack Tillian (William), the Only male child of Adrian Tillian did not marry, had no children. This was the end of the William (name) male lineage in Sugar Cane. 

2.       William.  Oscar (Moose)William lived common-law with Rosie Thomas for many years before marrying. Oscar was not related to the Chiefs William family.

3.       The Nelsons.  I believe Abraham (Plah-ham)Nelson and was married to (Ole)Suzie. To my knowledge they had three children. The were: Joe Nelson (Joe Nells, Joe Tsame7 ?Chume7?), Rosie Nelson (Married Dick Thomas, then lived many years with Oscar William before marrying him.), May Nelson (married  Willie Hurst of Toosey Band).

4.       The Oregon-Johnnys ? Eneas Oregon Johnny married to Helena (Elena). They raised Willie Sandy and Rita Sandy

5.       The Pauls ? Edward Paul, who was from the Alexandria Band, married Olive (Ollie) Gilbert, daughter of Andrew and Rosie Gilbert. They had two sons, Alex and Andy. Alex Paul married Cathy Cook from Alert Bay reserve on Vancouver Island. Andy Paul married girl from Bella Coola. They had two children.

6.       The Grouses.  As far as I know, there were five siblings in the Grouse family. They were, David Grouse, Pete Grouse, Celestine Grouse (married Frank Alphonse), Elizabeth Grouse (never married), Felicia (Pleezah, married Tommy Wycotte Sr. from Alkali Lake Reserve)

7.       The Antoines.   There was only one: Patrick (Paddy) married to Elsie. They had no children.

8.       The Alexis. To my knowledge, there were three Alexis siblings. They were: Octavia (Ktappi), Lilly (gwoy7ne) Cecilia (married TommyAlphonse from Anaham Reserve). The Tommy Alphonse family was not related to the Frank Alphonse family.

9.       The Jacks.  Willie Jack married ______. To my knowledge, the had one son, Patrick (Paddy) Jack

10.   Peters.   Willie Peters(from Clinton Band) lived common-law for years with Marianne Thomas (sister to Frank and Dick Thomas). They adopted Sammy (Sammry)Peters, who was also from the Clinton Band (High Bar). Sammy was married to Irene (Mack from Quesnel).

11.   Louie.  James Louie was the last hereditary chief of Sugar Cane. He was raised by Baptiste William, who was one of the Chiefs William. married to Ellen. James and Ellen had no children of their own. They did, however, adopt one child. (James Louie was not a relative to Wilfred and Ann Louie family).

 12.   Bones.  Jimmy Bones married ______. They had one daughter Agnes.  Agnes married Adrew Meshue of Dog Creek/Canoe Creek. They had one son.

13.   Charlie.  Pierro Charlie married _______. They had one daughter - May Jane (Charlie) Jane married Jim Wycotte.

14.   Harry.  Francis Harry (John Banty). Ole John did get married Mariah, but I don't believe they had any children.

15.   Guy.  Jimmy Guy was the son of Mrs. Guy. Jimmy Guy was a Band Councillor for a couple of terms in early 60's.

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