Telling Our Stories:


  Story telling is the Shuswap

way  of passing our history

to the next generations

About Me (Just a quick note. We have moved back to Sugar Cane and for now I am on Band Council again)

Name: Rick Gilbert

I used to live in Kamloops, B.C., Canada.  Anna and I had a home on Paul Lake in the mountains 20 kms northeast of Kamloops. 

In July 2008, we sold our home in Kamloops and moved to Mississippi (read all about it).

In 2012 We moved back to Canada.

For some time now, I have wanted to tell my stories about the way things used to be when I was growing up on the Sugar Cane Indian Reserve near Williams Lake.  I started writing a couple of stories on my computer, but didn't seem to have the energy to continue.  Perhaps, I needed some kind of incentive or motivation.  Well, I spoke to a few people about the idea. They liked it.  But it wasn't until I took a stab at developing this free website that I got more motivated.  Knowing that people were reading my stuff and expecting more seemed to make me feel obliged to give them more.  I have many stories that I want to tell and it may take some time for me to get them all down, but I will.  I ask that those who read my stories and want more, just let me know.  That is where I get my energy from.  One story here and there, I will get them on the web.  I'm trying to get a more user-friendly guest page for you to sign without having to register with a web server.  Just be patient.

I have more photos to upload and as time goes on I might even try to arrange them in some sort of order.  If you have any comments, stories, suggestions, or photos you would like me to post, just get in touch.

My email address is:



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